We offer discounts based on group bookings.  A group booking is where you commit to take a certain number of places and we quote you a price.  It is then up to you how many people you actually bring (providing it is not more than the number of places you have committed to). The less people you bring the more space on the boat and in the lineup ....the more people you bring the less the shared cost ... Either way it's up to you!

If you commit to 10 places then the group booking becomes exclusive meaning that you have the entire boat to yourselves and as such are free to determine itinerary to some extent.  

All group bookings are subject to the particular details of the booking so please contact us so we can discuss the booking.

Our boat is also available for private charter outside of normal schedule times.  This may be particularly attractive to groups that wish to explore new places (something we are always up for!).  Or for a family looking for a mix of leisure crusing and surfcharter. Price varies depending on duration and intended destinations so please contact us for more information.